Glo Grow Water Retention Gel 350g

Glo Grow Water Retention Gel 350g



glogrow Water Retention Gel enhances the water retaining ability of your containers, tubs, hanging baskets and normal soil. Used in any growing medium, our Water Retention Gel will help your plants retain water, combat drought and reduce water wastage. Each Sachet will hold up to 1 LITRE OF WATER!

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ALWAYS READ LABEL. Directions for use must be read before using the product.

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Glo grow water retention gel is a water retaining gel for hanging baskets and potted plant containers, designed to retain excess water, avoid drought stress to potted plants and eliminate water waste

How the product is applied :

Mix a 35g sachet thoroughly into each 10L of hanging basket or flower tub compost. Use on each new hanging basket or planted tub.

Additonal Information

GloGrow Water Retention Gel consists of a 35 g sachet, containing water retaining crystals of superabsorbent polymer (SAP) that reduces the frequency of watering contained plants by up to 4 times. This SAP, also known as slush powder and super slurper, is capable of absorbing over to 500 times its weight and 60 times its volume. This equates to over 1 l of water for each 35 g sachet. It is an ideal addition to any hanging pot or potted planter in order to absorb excess water, prevent drying out, reduced water wastage, prevent messy water spills after watering and so on. The sachets are easily mixed with 10 l of compost and last the life of the plant.

Glo Grow Water Retention Gel  350g

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