Glo Grow Liquid Tomato Feed 1L

Glo Grow Liquid Tomato Feed 1L



glogrow Liquid Tomato Feed is a liquid fertiliser that provides all the essential nourishment to produce a high yield of top quality, full flavoured fruit and veg. Our Tomato Feed will also ensure that your cucumbers, courgettes, peppers, aubergines, pumpkins and strawberries are full of vitality! THIS PRODUCT IS CONCENTRATED and GREAT VALUE! up to 200 treatments per pack

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Basic chemical care info :

ALWAYS READ LABEL. Directions for use must be read before using the product.

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Usage :

Glo Grow Liquid Tomato Feed is an complete, easy to use, quickly absorbed foliar feed that supplies all the micronutrients, in the correct balance, to maximise the yield of tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, cucumbers, chilli peppers and aube

How the product is applied :

Mix 5ml with 5 L water and apply to leaves and around the base of the plant. Increase the rate to 10ml per 5L water once the first fruit has set, thoroughly soaking the soil around the base. Use on all plants in the garden and in greenhouses.

Additonal Information

Contains: 5-5-10 NPK (5% N (0.5% NH4, 4.5% Ureic), 5% P2O5, 10% K2O) plus 0.9% SO3, 0.32% MgO, 0.04%Cu, 0.04% Fe, 0.08% Mn, 0.02% B. Suitable for all vegetable crops.

Glo Grow Liquid Tomato Feed 1L

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