Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How can I pay for my Glogrow products?
Answer: Payment can be made by either card, cash or cheque. Card payments can be made on our website when you checkout. For cash and cheque payments, add the items to your basket and then simply select cash or cheque as the payment method at the checkout. The onscreen instructions will then inform you what to do next.

Gardening Tips and Advice

Question: Can I talk to other customers to ask their opinions and advice?
Answer: Glogrow has an online forum that allows customers to ask questions and provide answers in relation to both gardening and hydroponics. The forum can be found here: Gardening Forum


Question: What are your delivery costs?
Answer: Delivery costs are based upon your total order weight and are currently charged at the following rates

Parcel WeightDelivery Charge
Less than 10KG £8.10
11KG to 20KG £9.75
21KG to 30KG £11.80
31KG to 40KG £13.45
41KG + £19.47

Question: What are the delivery timescales?
Answer: In stock items will be despatched within 2 working days of the order being placed, using standard next day courier services to mainland UK destinations. Orders placed Friday to Sunday will be despatched the following working day, usually Monday allowing for bank holidays.

Question: What areas do you deliver to?
Answer: At present glogrow only delivers to mainland UK addresses. Due to shipping restrictions with our couriers we are currently unable to deliver gardening chemical products to destinations outside of mainland UK (England, Wales, and mainland Scotland).

Home & Garden Products

Question: Will MossClear stain my patio or driveway as I have used other products that have left a stain?
Answer: MossClear contains non-staining iron so that no stains will be made. It can be used on garden furniture too.

Question: What vegetables can I used soluble/liquid tomato feed on?
Answer: Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, marrows, pumpkins, courgettes, strawberries and raspberries.

Question: Can glogrow products be used in hard water areas?
Answer: All of our own brand chemical products are ready to be used in hard water so therefore can be used in both soft and hard water areas.

Question: How do i apply glogrow slug and snail repellent?
Answer: Our slug and snail repellent doesn’t kill slugs and snails, instead it acts as a barrier to prevent slugs and snails from reaching your plants. The repellent must be applied around the base of the plant in a circle, any gaps will allow slugs to pass through to the plant. Also make sure that there are none already on the plant otherwise they will become stuck on the plant and carry on eating it.

Question: What is the best way to use Weedaway?
Answer: Weedaway is a diluted glyphosate and is an all purpose ready to use weedkiller. It is absorbed by the leaves of the weed and passed into the plant. The best way to kill weeds is to cut a segment off the weed and then spray the re-growth area. As the plant will be moving more nutrients to this area, WeedAway will be more quickly passed around other parts of the plant than if it was sprayed on to an older part of the weed.

Professional Products

Question: Does Sherlock STOP growth for up to 6 months or does it just kill whats there..?
Answer: Sherlock will completely kill whatever plant it is sprayed on, so the plant will never return. However it will not prevent a new plant from growing. (NB; it can take up to 2 weeks for the plant to die depending on weather etc).

Question: Is Sherlock already diluted?
Answer: Sherlock is concentrated and must be diluted. The minimum ratio is 1:40 dilution rate. (1 part Sherlock to 40 parts water). 5 litres of Sherlock will cover 1 Hectare when diluted at a ratio of 1:40 (always read the instructions before use of course!).

Question: What is the shelf life of Sherlock?
Answer: According to the label the shelf life is 2 years. After this period glyphosate will start to crystallise.

Question: Can Sherlock be used on Thistles and Nettles?
Answer: Sherlock can be used on thistles and nettles as per the label. The concentration can remain the same as per normal other usage.

Question: I have 500ml of Sherlock left over from last year. It has been stored at a temp of 10C in an igloo box, the contents has gone very cloudy with heavy sediment present. Is this still OK to use?
Answer: Top up the 500ml you have with 500ml of warm (not hot) water. If the solution clears this is fine to use.

Technical support

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